Saturday, August 29, 2009

Liberal Healthcare Reform is a prerequisite to Obama’s ‘Single-Payer’ agenda.

“You'll have no choice in what health benefits you receive,” is a discussion regarding Mr. Obama’s promise that ‘you can keep your own healthcare plan and doctor’ versus a ‘public option.’ Public option or ‘one government plan’ as stated in this article is the key.

No private health insurance premium is cost competitive with a government option. The premium cost differential will entice many to the public option, not merely the legitimately uninsured. Furthermore, the ‘one government plan’ will certainly be more attractive to businesses, thus the magnetic draw to the public option will be massive.

Within the ‘one government plan’ is where patients will find limitations on procedures, and the amount the ‘Govpharmacy’ will allow for those procedures and medications, accessibility to specialists and even the pool of doctor’s who are willing to accept sub-private insurance payment, just as it is with Medicare and Medicaid.

Logical economics tell us, that as more patients are drafted into the ‘one government plan,’ private insurance premiums will rise and doctor’s deserved salaries will fall. Hence, the lure to become a physician will dwindle. With time, the private option will only be an option for the wealthy.

The public option or ‘one government plan’ is a major pitfall in the House healthcare reform bill, as it will be in the Senate version. This so-called healthcare reform is merely a prerequisite to the self-proclaimed desire of President Obama, to reform U.S. healthcare into a ‘single-payer’ system.

Mr. Obama is speaking the truth when he says, you can keep your doctor and your plan if you like, but while he is promoting this promise, he knows full well that a private plan will soon be obsolete and his ‘single-payer,’ ‘public option,’ ‘one government plan’ will be the only option and this part of his total government control agenda will be 'mission accomplished.'

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