Friday, September 4, 2009

“Washington, D.C. – Pay for Play Central”

One could conclude, if there is to be ‘real change’ in Washington, D.C. politics, campaign finance and Washington lobby practices, above all else, require the most attention and ultimate reform. Without addressing these two key faults in the Beltway, the partisan divide will become even wider and ethics violations will be more common place that they are already, it is a chronic epidemic in Washington, D.C.

The revolving door of earmarks for special interests, in turn for campaign financing, is immoral, if not in many cases illegal, and does not serve the whole of our population. It is virtually impossible for an elected official to represent his/her constituents exclusively and fairly when the money of a few determines the longevity of their term in office.

There are only two ways to remedy this vial and repetitious cycle, either reform campaign finance and lobbying practices or impose term-limits to eight-years in office, both are preferred.

Consider our current impasse, regarding healthcare reform, aside from opinion that H.R. 3200 should be scrapped, simplified and rewritten; tort reform was an obvious exclusion. Why, because beyond Howard Dean’s assertion that, “The people who wrote it, did not want to take on the trial lawyers…” the DNC, which he chairs, Democrats and I’m certain many Republicans campaigns are finance largely by the trial lawyer lobby. Current campaign finance practices render ‘tort reform’ virtually untouchable by either major political party.

Sadly enough, influence peddling, earmarks for special interests and campaign coffers fill the pockets and dreams of only a minute percentage of our total population, stamped for approval by and for the politicians, their campaign bankers, lawyers, family and friends. As the political winds shift, so will the direction of the unethical-cash flow to yet another special interest click.

We, common people, suppose it may seem a fair reward to those who arrogantly pat themselves on the back for their proclaimed sacrifice to public service, but it seems just the opposite to us common folk who are not privy to the treasure of the Washington, D.C. swamp.

Though politicians of every persuasion and Americans of all colors and creeds reflect and recite the words of our founders, they in fact pledged their lives, their sacred honor and yes their fortunes to the United States of America, many of whom lost their lives and their fortunes.

We are far beyond the politicians of yesteryear; their values and commitment to the people have been scrubbed from practice by the politicians of the 21st Century. The soul of America, us commoners, are mindful of our founders noble commitment, hence our collective outcry of disapproval.

Clean-up the Washington, D.C. swamp gentlemen and ladies, everything else will fall into place with relative calm and a spirit of give and take. Get involve common folk, demand that your elected representatives clean up the swill they have created. ~M.C.Fergy~

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