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News Headlines - Boy, American dad arrive in US from Brazil :

News Headlines - Boy, American dad arrive in US from Brazil :

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Chuck Norris : Away With the Manger -

Chuck Norris : Away With the Manger -

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“Hugo Chavez; The Saddam Hussein of South America”

Sep 17, 5:00 PM EDT

Venezuela a top concern at press freedom forum

By IAN JAMES-Associated Press Writer

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Press freedom groups condemn Venezuela's recent shutdown of radio stations as part of a broader strategy by President Hugo Chavez to progressively clamp down on the private news media - and they want to put a stop to it.

Newspaper executives who lead the Miami-based Inter American Press Association say Venezuela will be at the top of their list as they gather in Caracas for an emergency forum Friday to discuss freedom of expression in the Americas.

The government has announced plans to take 29 more radio stations off the airwaves.

Globovision - the last opposition-aligned TV channel on the open airwaves - is also the target of multiple investigations that authorities say could lead to the revocation of its broadcast license. Prosecutors opened a criminal investigation earlier this month to determine whether Globovision was trying to incite rebellion by airing a viewer's text message that allegedly called for a coup.

The station has been the only opposition outlet on regular non-pay TV since 2007, when Chavez refused to renew the license of another opposition-aligned channel, RCTV.

"Our single largest preoccupation, I think, at IAPA is the move by President Chavez in Venezuela, also followed very closely by President (Rafael) Correa in Ecuador, to slowly but steadily transform a free and independent media into independent media under constant attack and harassment," said Robert Rivard, editor of the San Antonio Express-News and president of the IAPA's Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information.

"I do believe that if President Chavez thought he could get away with it, he would simply shut down the media," Rivard told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "Everybody, including the owners of Globovision, think it's not if - but when - President Chavez tries to shut them down. We'd like to get in the way of that."

Chavez denies his government is trying to eliminate critical voices in the media.

The one-day forum in Caracas is being supported by other press groups including the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. Attendees will consider threats to freedom of expression throughout the hemisphere, with speakers including former presidents Carlos Mesa of Bolivia and Alejandro Toledo of Peru.

Chavez has been feuding with the IAPA for years, saying it represents the interests of media owners who are hostile to his government.

Instead of debating with the visiting critics, the government announced plans for a separate, parallel forum in Caracas involving journalists from various countries. The Information Ministry said in a statement that the IAPA news executives were coming "to support the private media, focused on strong opposition to the government."

Venezuela still has many fiercely anti-Chavez radio stations and newspapers. Critics accuse the government of trying to winnow their numbers and of using bogus legal cases to pressure some that are perceived as threats.

Reporters have also been targets of violence. Twelve journalists were kicked, punched and beaten with sticks last month by a group of purported Chavez supporters. The journalists had been passing out leaflets opposing the new education law, specifically a provision that would allow sanctions against news media reports that "produce terror" among children or incite hate. One suspect was detained after the attack and was later released while the investigation proceeds.

Miguel Henrique Otero, editor of the Venezuelan daily El Nacional, said the government's approach to the media is intended to "produce fear" among journalists to encourage self-censorship. The government yanked its advertising several years ago from Otero's paper, which continues to take a strongly critical stance and regularly publishes political cartoons depicting Chavez as a toad in military regalia.

"This is a country that's moving rapidly toward a totalitarian regime," Otero said. "Every day the democratic world should go about taking more of a stance."

© 2009 Copyright Associated Press

Chavez's government forced 32 radio stations and two small television stations off the air last month, saying some owners had failed to renew their broadcast licenses while other licenses were no longer valid because they had been granted long ago to owners who are now dead.

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Monday, September 7, 2009


We haven't time to wait for the 2010 election America. If the liberal policies and legislation of President 0bama, his Administration and the Congress are not contained now, Healthcare, Cap & Trade, S.773, and many more destructive bills and amendments, will be 'Old News' once the 2010 election cycle rolls around.

2010 carries no guarantees; there are plenty of Republicans that have to be retired from ‘public service’ too. But I digress, a barricade to stop the ‘fundamental transformation’ of our nation requires the help of all, yet a common thread still exists among the fence setters who say, “There are so many families with kids, both parents are working and they're just to busy to get involved like a lot of people can."

For some time, I let this 'justification' attitude slide by, without saying a word, and then I said bulls**t. Now I answer to their apathetic whining with, "That is precisely the reason you ‘DO NEED TO GET INVOLVED,’ to protect the future of your children, to insure they do not have their rights completely trampled on and taken away..."

We all understand and are experiencing the fast-pace of life, more so than it has ever been before, you cannot neglect your responsibilities to your family, job or church and part of that responsibility, right now, is getting the people you once trusted, ‘your elected representatives,' BACK ON TRACK! If every politician were like Jason E. Chaffetz and a few others in Congress, at this juncture we could go about our merry way and trust their judgment. 'That scenario does not exist ‘right now,' so every American is a stakeholder and has a responsibility to themselves, their children and their Country to ‘GET INVOLVED!’

If we don't flood our leaders with our voices now, we can kiss your freedoms goodbye. You just need to direct a little of that time, out of your fast-paced life, and call, snail-mail, fax and email your Congressional representatives. You don’t have to take on every issue, pick two or three of your favorites, but do something.

Don’t be one of the people who do nothing because they’re to busy in this fast-paced life we ALL live in. Apathy and complacency will make you an accomplice too the arrest of our freedom and the ‘destructive transformation’ of our nation.

If you find this offensive, oh well. As you may have noticed, freedom-robbing legislation is moving at equal speed with our fast-paced lives and depending on the 2010 elections or someone else to do the job will be way too late and short-supported without you at the party.

"All the President's Czars"

U.S. Constitution - Article 2 Section 2 - The U.S. Constitution Online -

Bypassing the authority of Congress, Barack Obama rules through czars — the beginnings of dictatorship: You decide whether 'Czars' are constitutional, OR NOT, click on the link above...

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The Compleat List of Obama Czars

1. Herbert Allison Jr., bailout czar.
2. Alan Bersin, border czar.
3. Dennis Blair, intelligence czar.
4. John Brennan, counterterrorism czar.
5. Carol Browner, energy czar.
6. Adolfo Carrion, urban affairs czar.
7. Ashton Carter, weapons czar.
8. Aneesh Chopra, technology czar.
9. Jeffrey Crowley, AIDS czar.
10. Cameron Davis, Great Lakes czar.
11. Nancy-Ann DeParle, health czar.
12. Earl Devaney, stimulus oversight czar.
13. Joshua DuBois, religion czar, aka God czar.
14. Arne Duncan, education czar.
15. Kenneth Feinberg, pay czar.
16. Daniel Fried, Guantanamo closure czar.
17. J. Scott Gration, Sudan czar.
18. Melissa Hathaway, cybersecurity czar.
19. David J. Hayes, water czar.
20. Richard Holbrooke, Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) czar.
21. John Holdren, science czar.
22. Kevin Jennings, safe schools czar.
23. Van Jones, green jobs czar.
24. Gil Kerlikowske, drug czar.
25. Ron Kirk, trade czar.
26. Vivek Kundra, infotech czar.
27. Douglas Lute, war czar.
28. George Mitchell, Mideast peace czar.
29. Ed Montgomery, car czar.
30. Lynn Rosenthal, domestic violence czar.
31. Dennis Ross, Mideast policy czar.
32. Gary Samore, weapons of mass destruction czar.
33. Todd Stern, climate change czar.
34. Cass Sunstein, regulatory czar.
35. Larry Summers, economic czar.
36. Michael Taylor, food czar
37. Arturo Valenzuela, Latin-American czar.
38. Paul Volcker, economic czar number two.
39. Elizabeth Warren, TARP Oversight Panel czar.
40. Jeffrey Zients, government performance czar.


Friday, September 4, 2009

“Washington, D.C. – Pay for Play Central”

One could conclude, if there is to be ‘real change’ in Washington, D.C. politics, campaign finance and Washington lobby practices, above all else, require the most attention and ultimate reform. Without addressing these two key faults in the Beltway, the partisan divide will become even wider and ethics violations will be more common place that they are already, it is a chronic epidemic in Washington, D.C.

The revolving door of earmarks for special interests, in turn for campaign financing, is immoral, if not in many cases illegal, and does not serve the whole of our population. It is virtually impossible for an elected official to represent his/her constituents exclusively and fairly when the money of a few determines the longevity of their term in office.

There are only two ways to remedy this vial and repetitious cycle, either reform campaign finance and lobbying practices or impose term-limits to eight-years in office, both are preferred.

Consider our current impasse, regarding healthcare reform, aside from opinion that H.R. 3200 should be scrapped, simplified and rewritten; tort reform was an obvious exclusion. Why, because beyond Howard Dean’s assertion that, “The people who wrote it, did not want to take on the trial lawyers…” the DNC, which he chairs, Democrats and I’m certain many Republicans campaigns are finance largely by the trial lawyer lobby. Current campaign finance practices render ‘tort reform’ virtually untouchable by either major political party.

Sadly enough, influence peddling, earmarks for special interests and campaign coffers fill the pockets and dreams of only a minute percentage of our total population, stamped for approval by and for the politicians, their campaign bankers, lawyers, family and friends. As the political winds shift, so will the direction of the unethical-cash flow to yet another special interest click.

We, common people, suppose it may seem a fair reward to those who arrogantly pat themselves on the back for their proclaimed sacrifice to public service, but it seems just the opposite to us common folk who are not privy to the treasure of the Washington, D.C. swamp.

Though politicians of every persuasion and Americans of all colors and creeds reflect and recite the words of our founders, they in fact pledged their lives, their sacred honor and yes their fortunes to the United States of America, many of whom lost their lives and their fortunes.

We are far beyond the politicians of yesteryear; their values and commitment to the people have been scrubbed from practice by the politicians of the 21st Century. The soul of America, us commoners, are mindful of our founders noble commitment, hence our collective outcry of disapproval.

Clean-up the Washington, D.C. swamp gentlemen and ladies, everything else will fall into place with relative calm and a spirit of give and take. Get involve common folk, demand that your elected representatives clean up the swill they have created. ~M.C.Fergy~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Liberal Healthcare Reform is a prerequisite to Obama’s ‘Single-Payer’ agenda.

“You'll have no choice in what health benefits you receive,” is a discussion regarding Mr. Obama’s promise that ‘you can keep your own healthcare plan and doctor’ versus a ‘public option.’ Public option or ‘one government plan’ as stated in this article is the key.

No private health insurance premium is cost competitive with a government option. The premium cost differential will entice many to the public option, not merely the legitimately uninsured. Furthermore, the ‘one government plan’ will certainly be more attractive to businesses, thus the magnetic draw to the public option will be massive.

Within the ‘one government plan’ is where patients will find limitations on procedures, and the amount the ‘Govpharmacy’ will allow for those procedures and medications, accessibility to specialists and even the pool of doctor’s who are willing to accept sub-private insurance payment, just as it is with Medicare and Medicaid.

Logical economics tell us, that as more patients are drafted into the ‘one government plan,’ private insurance premiums will rise and doctor’s deserved salaries will fall. Hence, the lure to become a physician will dwindle. With time, the private option will only be an option for the wealthy.

The public option or ‘one government plan’ is a major pitfall in the House healthcare reform bill, as it will be in the Senate version. This so-called healthcare reform is merely a prerequisite to the self-proclaimed desire of President Obama, to reform U.S. healthcare into a ‘single-payer’ system.

Mr. Obama is speaking the truth when he says, you can keep your doctor and your plan if you like, but while he is promoting this promise, he knows full well that a private plan will soon be obsolete and his ‘single-payer,’ ‘public option,’ ‘one government plan’ will be the only option and this part of his total government control agenda will be 'mission accomplished.'

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cap and trade is a license to cheat and steal | San Francisco Examiner

Cap and trade is a license to cheat and steal | San Francisco Examiner

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U.S. Names Prosecutor to Investigate CIA Abuse Cases

Read WSJ Article Here:

‘Distraction’ and ‘Misdirection’ is the fundament platform for President Obama and his Administration. In the course of the campaign, then Senator Obama used the word ‘Distraction’ at least a quarter as much as he did ‘Change.’ The President doth protest too much, methinks.

On the heals of massive public opposition to Nationalized Healthcare and Cap & Trade (Tax) and the presidential holiday departure day announcement that he and his Administration has underestimated the 10 year budget deficit projection by $2 trillion, the standing order is ‘Distraction’ and ‘Misdirection.’

A number of the ‘Mobster/Astroturf’ crowd not only opposes ObamaCare and Green-Poverty, they also object to mishandling of detainees, if some instances are found to be true. “Divide and conquer”, is the sub-order in this most recent ‘Distraction.’ Win back the allegiance of a percentage of the ‘Mobsters’, if you will.

While allegations of mistreatment of detainees will NOT directly effect our lives, whether they are addressed today or in two-years, Nationalized Healthcare and Cap & Trade (Tax) will ‘change’ the fundamental framework of the U.S. and effect ‘every Americans’ life within a few short months.

Do Not, take your eye off the ball America; remain focused on the ominous, omnibus bills that are critically important, ObamaCare and Green-Poverty. Chicago pit-bull and White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, said it best, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," Nationalized Healthcare and Cap & Trade (Tax) are the American people’s most immediate crisis’s.

Stay focused! Do Not allow yourselves to be ‘Distracted’ or ‘Misdirected.’

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama traumatic stress disorder - Washington Times

Obama traumatic stress disorder - Washington Times

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Mexican cartels boom - Washington Times

Mexican cartels boom - Washington Times

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Report Reveals Big Business and Open-Borders Strategy

Report Reveals Big Business and Open-Borders Strategy

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“A case of; Do as I say and not as I do.”

President Obama on Sky News with Adam Boulton; July 11, 2009

After the last leg of his ‘International Apology Tour’ in Ghana.

“Slavery like the holocaust, uh, like other instances of extraordinary, uh, cruelty, uh, can happen anywhere any place, and is usually rooted in, uh, one group of people ‘asserting superiority’ over another group of people. And I want them to learn very early, uh, how dangerous, uh, that mindset can be and fight against it."

YouTube Link:

Though President Obama is a likeable person, the margin by which he won the presidency is a three-sixty compared to the popularity of his major policies. Mr. Obama, his Administration and liberals in Congress are ‘asserting their superiority’ over the desires of a nation, by employing fear, distractions and half-truths.

"Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd." ~Bertrand Russell~

Most Arizona Voters Put Immigration Over Health Care as More Important Reform Goal

Most Arizona Voters Put Immigration Over Health Care as More Important Reform Goal

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Does the U.S. Healthcare System require a major overhaul?

“Categorize the 47 Million Uninsured first.”

President Obama, Washington, D.C. representatives and many media outlets state that there are 47 million Americans without health insurance, but of this group of individuals, how many are actually ‘involuntarily uninsured?’ The claims, delivered by pro total-overhaul proponents, seem to project a picture of poverty and exclusion from the club of access to health insurance.

That assertion conflicts with data from the 2007 U.S. Census Bureau, issued in August 2008, which sheds a different perspective on the issue by categorizing uninsured individuals into groups. [“Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2007” ]

**45.65 million People in the U.S. did not have health insurance in 2007.
**9.73 million Foreigners; foreign-born non-citizens who were in the country in 2007 were included in that number. So the number of uninsured Americans was actually 35.92 million. [Four of the top ten least insured State’s share the distinction of having the largest illegal alien population per capita; Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas.]
**9.1 million People making more than $75,000 per year were also included in that number who chose NOT to purchase health insurance. That brings the number of Americans who lack health insurance, for financial reasons, down to 26.82 million.
**The Census Bureau report also shows that the number of people without insurance declined in 2007 compared to 2006; from 47 million to 45.65 million and the number of individuals with insurance increased from 249.8 million to 253.4 million.
**There are an undetermined number of individuals who fall into two additional categories; those who can afford health insurance but feel it is ‘unnecessary because of their youth’ and those who qualify for Medicaid and/or Medicare and have not enrolled.

Perhaps the need for an omnibus overhaul of the United States healthcare system been grossly overstated. Most media accounts tout that 80% of Americans are satisfied with their current coverage. Transforming the ‘best healthcare system in the world’ is not worth the risk of governmental malpractice, by prescribing an unnecessary procedure.

Eliminating bureaucratic waste and fraud from Medicare and Medicaid would certainly free up funds to address the health needs of 26.82 million Americans who are involuntarily uninsured. Allowing interstate commerce for health insurance would create completion in the private sector to lower premiums.

There are many options in the private sector that must be explored before a Federal bureaucrat is allowed to come between you and your doctor. I know how the Medicare system works and believe me; you do not want to go there before it is absolutely necessary. At Risk; 1/6 of the U.S. economy for less than 8.747% of the U.S. population; not the 14.87% we are being lead to believe.

Yes, it is essential that less fortunate ‘Americans’ are medically insured, but there are other means to achieve that goal. The next Census Bureau report disclosing health insurance data, with 2008 numbers, is scheduled to be released in August 2009; and could figure in the healthcare reform debate, however, the current state of our economy should not dictate a total overhaul of our healthcare system or play heavily in the national debate.

Our economy will recover, but once the healthcare debate is over, legislation has passed and if we have sacrificed our medical options, we most likely will never recover ‘the best healthcare system in the world.’ Ask yourself this question, “Even if we were in good economic times, is the road we are heading on, in regard to our healthcare system, really the right direction we should be following?”

[“Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2007” report presents data on income, poverty, and health insurance coverage in the United States based on information collected in the 2008 and earlier Annual Social and Economic Supplements (ASEC) to the Current Population Survey (CPS) conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.]

[‘America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009’ H.R.3200 ]

Top Ten States (Medically Uninsured)
# 1 Texas
# 2 New Mexico
# 3 Florida
# 4 Arizona
# 5 Louisiana
# 6 Mississippi
# 7 California
# 8 Oklahoma
# 9 Nevada
# 10 Georgia

Top Ten States (Illegal aliens per capita)
# 1 California; 6.114 per 100 people
# 2 Arizona; 4.765 per 100 people
# 3 Texas; 4.554 per 100 people
# 4 Nevada; 4.183 per 100 people
# 5 Illinois; 3.385 per 100 people
# 6 Colorado; 3.087 per 100 people
# 7 Utah; 2.632 per 100 people
# 8 New York; 2.54 per 100 people
# 9 New Jersey; 2.535 per 100 people
# 10 Georgia; 2.513 per 100 people

[The government and news media have touted the ‘undocumented foreign national’ population to be a 12 million individuals for years. More recent and non-political sources place that same population in a range from 20.2 to 30 million. ]