Monday, September 7, 2009


We haven't time to wait for the 2010 election America. If the liberal policies and legislation of President 0bama, his Administration and the Congress are not contained now, Healthcare, Cap & Trade, S.773, and many more destructive bills and amendments, will be 'Old News' once the 2010 election cycle rolls around.

2010 carries no guarantees; there are plenty of Republicans that have to be retired from ‘public service’ too. But I digress, a barricade to stop the ‘fundamental transformation’ of our nation requires the help of all, yet a common thread still exists among the fence setters who say, “There are so many families with kids, both parents are working and they're just to busy to get involved like a lot of people can."

For some time, I let this 'justification' attitude slide by, without saying a word, and then I said bulls**t. Now I answer to their apathetic whining with, "That is precisely the reason you ‘DO NEED TO GET INVOLVED,’ to protect the future of your children, to insure they do not have their rights completely trampled on and taken away..."

We all understand and are experiencing the fast-pace of life, more so than it has ever been before, you cannot neglect your responsibilities to your family, job or church and part of that responsibility, right now, is getting the people you once trusted, ‘your elected representatives,' BACK ON TRACK! If every politician were like Jason E. Chaffetz and a few others in Congress, at this juncture we could go about our merry way and trust their judgment. 'That scenario does not exist ‘right now,' so every American is a stakeholder and has a responsibility to themselves, their children and their Country to ‘GET INVOLVED!’

If we don't flood our leaders with our voices now, we can kiss your freedoms goodbye. You just need to direct a little of that time, out of your fast-paced life, and call, snail-mail, fax and email your Congressional representatives. You don’t have to take on every issue, pick two or three of your favorites, but do something.

Don’t be one of the people who do nothing because they’re to busy in this fast-paced life we ALL live in. Apathy and complacency will make you an accomplice too the arrest of our freedom and the ‘destructive transformation’ of our nation.

If you find this offensive, oh well. As you may have noticed, freedom-robbing legislation is moving at equal speed with our fast-paced lives and depending on the 2010 elections or someone else to do the job will be way too late and short-supported without you at the party.


  1. Getting involved is a responsibility of every American. With enough effort we can take back our freedoms lost.


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